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Wines by Colterenzio - Schreckbichl
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Colterenzio - Schreckbichl
Throughout history the northern province of Alto Adige has changed hands from the Romans to the Austro-Hungarian Empire and back to the Italians, and it has collected a potpourri of tradition and technique in its viticulture. In fact, German is still spoken and is used for many of the wine names; and for this population, Alto Adige is known as Südtirol. The term Qualitatswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete is also often used in addition to DOC to classify quality wines.

In the hamlet of Schreckbichl, south of the city of Bolzano, is a wine growing area called Uberetsch, which has a rich tradition and history in viticulture. In 1960 a committed group consisting of 28 winegrowers and estates pooled their resources to establish the Schreckbichl (Colterenzio) Winegrowers Cooperative. By sharing grapes from 320+ hectares of choice vineyards as well as production costs, they control quality and marketing efforts. Adhering to their motto, "United, we are strong," the consortium succeeds in producing quality wines brimming with individuality, honest varietal character, and a sense of soil. The vineyard locations enjoy the vine-friendly climate of Mediterranean warmth and Alpine freshness due to their unique position.

From these vineyards the cooperative produces three lines of wines so that the consumer may experience quality Alto Adige wines on an everyday to collectible level. The first, which covers more than half of their production, are single-variety wines that offer great values and an opportunity to discover the character of individual grapes and the qualities they glean from the unique land of Alto Adige. The next level is called the Praedium Selection: named for the Praedium, or estate, that has historically represented quality in winemaking, these wines are made from grapes grown in the most prestigious vineyard sites with very limited yields. They demonstrate impressive concentration and consistent quality. The final range of wines is the Cornell group, making up the most prestigious bottlings from these producers. Grapes used for these masterpieces are taken exclusively from the best vineyards in great vintages, and winemaking techniques introduce modern innovations to great traditional methods. Easily recognized by the striking image of a castle on the label, they set standards of quality that are rivaled by just a few other producers in Trentino-Alto Adige, including Hofstätter and Foradori.
Lagrein Cornell
Chardonnay Cornell
Gewürztraminer Cornell
Pinot Bianco Weisshaus Praedium
Pinot Bianco Praedium
Pinot Bianco Puiten Praedium
Sauvignon Prail Praedium
Sauvignon Blanc Lafóa
Region: Alto Adige

Alto Adige-Südtirol
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