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Wines by Casale del Giglio
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Casale del Giglio
With an oenological history dating back thousands of years, it's unfortunate that Lazio is not a region Italian wine fans often encounter. This is especially disappointing considering its new wave reds, which tell an exciting, new Italian wine story of a vast array of international varieties - often blended and barrique aged. Though sourced in the heart of the Old World, these wines show unmistakable New World chic, boasting significant extraction from thoroughly-ripened fruit, gentle tannins, mild acidity, and distinctly toasty oak.

The maverick estate Casale del Giglio was founded in 1968 in the Agro Pontino region just south of Rome. Once covered by the Pontine Marshes, the area was drained in the 1930s to create new land for vine cultivation and winemaking experimentation. In 1984 the estate launched a research project to further explore the area's untapped potential. The efforts of the university-qualified experts led by Tony Santarelli and Paolo Tiefenthaler are readily tangible in the wines they produce.
Mater Matuta
Cabernet Sauvignon
Petit Verdot
Region: Lazio

Lazio IGT
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