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Although Puglia's past is somewhat blighted by the nondescript, bulk production efforts of its co-op culture (a rather ironic situation, given the number of DOC regions it comprises), the recent past has witnessed a seemingly slight yet nonetheless valuable transition into value-oriented production. While this may seem to amount to pure semantics, many of these wines represent quality, as vineyard land in Puglia is fairly inexpensive when compared to that of other Italian regions.

Interestingly, Puglia has won the attention of an American audience through the medium of the Primitivo grape, a close relation of American Zinfandel. While the latter association and the characteristics of Primitivo (plush fruit and soft tannins) have garnered this overseas recognition,
Primitivo may realize significant depth via special viticultural regimens. Also, Puglia's Negroamaro grape produces formidably structured wines of significant aging potential.

A-Mano truly responds to and celebrates the American attraction to Puglia, as it derives from an American's passion for the Puglia region. Mark Shannon, in collaboration with importer Neil Empson and Italian partner Elvezi Sbalchiero, conceived A-Mano (which means handmade) in order to realize the inherent potential of Puglia, particularly as expressed through its old vines. He interprets this native speciality through the New World's technical provisions, thereby marrying regional typicity and modern styling.

The A-Mano catalog comprises four bottlings, 2 of which—A-Mano and Prima-Mano—are pure Primitivos sourced from 70- to 100-year-old vines. Prima-Mano is produced only in years wherein the Primitivo excels. Shannon and Sbalchiero also work with Puglia's other quality red, Negroamaro, displaying its solo virtues in the Promessa and blending it with a small percentage of Primitivo in the Rosso Salento bottling.
A-Mano Primitivo
Prima-Mano Primitivo
Promessa Negroamaro
Promessa Rosso Salento
Region: Puglia

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